Halacha permits Jews to cut vegetables on Shabbat for immediate consumption, my question is, if a Jew is doing this anyways, are they allowed to cut extra vegetables (more than they are going to immediately eat) while doing this?


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When peeling vegetables (which can be an issue of borer) or cutting vegetables (which can be an issue of tochein), there is a leniency of doing this close to the meal. However one may not consciously prepare more than required. Clearly this can be a fine line.

Here is how R Daniel Braude describes the allowance (Learn Shabbos, pp. 184ff)

One may peel vegetables (with a knife) that are necessary for the upcoming meal. It is forbidden to peel extra vegetables for a later meal. However if one is peeling extra vegetables because there is a small chance that they will be needed for the current meal or because he wants to make the guests feel that the re is more than enough for all, it is permitted.

There are other limitations (e.g., peeling with a knife, not a peeler), doing this right before the meal, cutting in pieces slightly bigger than during the week) so any reader should be sure to learn the halachot fully before applying them.

For more see Mishna Brura 319:5 and commentaries.

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