It's very common in minyan for people to still be putting on their tefillin when the shaliach tzibur begins davening. I always answer amen to birchot hashachar. I was somewhat surprised when another member of the minyan told me that I shouldn't, because I was not supposed to talk while putting on tefillin. I thought that applied to having conversations, but not to answering amen.


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you're not allowed to say amen in between saying the bracha for the tefillin shel yad and the bracha for the tefillin shel rosh.


  • Chabad holds you can interrupt for borchu, kedusha, etc., and make a separate bracha on the shel rosh.
    – shmosel
    Jan 17 at 8:24
  • @shmosel for barchu yes, not for all parts of kaddish, and not for other brachos such as birchas hashachar
    – Dude
    Jan 17 at 13:40

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