Is it inaccurate to say that the nation of amalek is extinct?


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In Kol HaTor 2:36 (which is attributed to the GR"A) it states:

לו) הרחיבי מקום אהלך וכו׳ (ישעי׳ כ״ד) – מצות הרחבת הגבולים הוא בתפקידו של משיב״י כדבר ה׳ אל יונה הנביא שהוא היה במעליתא דמשיח בן יוסף, להשיב גבול ישראל (מלכים ב י״ד:כ״ה). וכן מן המיצר למרחביה שתפקידו הרחבת הגבולים במלחמתו נגד עמלק שהוא המחריב כפי המדרש: האויב תמו חרבות לנצח על הפסוק: מלחמה לה׳ בעמלק מרחיב נגד מחריב.

(Isa. 54:2) “expand the site of your tent, ” etc. -- The commandment to expand the borders is the mission of Mashiach ben Yosef as God had told the prophet Jonah, who was on the level of Mashiach ben Yosef, to restore the border of Israel (II Kings 14:25). Likewise the verse: “in distress...in expansiveness, ” means that it was his mission to expand the boundaries in the war against Amalek, who was the destroyer, according to the Midrash. “The enemy, the destructions are gone forever” which is related to the verse: “God wages war against Amalek.” The verb “expands” is used in opposition to the verb “destroys” [the order of the letters and are in reverse order in the two words].

According to this quote they are most certainly still alive.

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