According to the answers to this question one doesn’t have to stand while praying on an airplane.

My question is, what is the Halacha regarding standing on a thing of public access transportation and vehicles such as subways/trollies/buses?

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    The principles are the same regardless of the mode of transportation. It depends on whether you can stand safely without being disrupted or causing disruption.
    – shmosel
    Commented Jan 5 at 0:45
  • The mishna says "boat or wagon" -- it's whatever situation in which standing would be unsafe, or severely mess up your concentration.
    – Shalom
    Commented Jan 5 at 1:34

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Peninei Halakha (Laws of Prayers 17:16) writes

When traveling by bus or train [...] if one can stand and concentrate properly, it is better that he stand for Shemoneh Esrei. However, if standing will disturb his kavanah, he must sit with his feet together, stand when he needs to bow down, and then sit again. At the end of his prayer, he stands and takes three steps backwards.

(see further for additional situations, e.g., whether to pray on a bus when there is still time afterwards, and whether to do this regularly).

Note that, in all cases, a Jew should be mindful of hilul Hashem, in this case one should not disturb other passengers through his religious behavior. Safety is another concern that might lead someone to pray while sitting.

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