I came across the following excerpt:

It must be noted that, according to Rabbinic diction, the proselyte, by leaving heathenism, became a child again, or was born anew, because by the rite of circumcision he disowned his relations and became a son of Abraham. (Jebamoth f. lxii. 1, xcii. 1, also Maimon. Issure bia c.16).

I need references with details of such rabbinic quotes about the new birth of a man.

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    I don't think he becomes a child again (in that he isn't responsible for his sins until he lives as a convert for 13 years). He becomes a new man, in a new family, but not a child.
    – rosends
    Jan 2 at 13:24
  • What is the source for that quote?
    – Yehuda
    Jan 2 at 15:23
  • @Yehuda it's from an old book. I am hoping you can search similar quotes about the new birth of a convert using hebrew text or something.
    – Michael16
    Jan 2 at 16:24

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It seems that the sources you are quoting in your question are:

Talmud Bavli, Yevamot 62a:

A convert who converts is like a newborn child

Talmud Bavli, Yevamot 97a:

A convert who converts is like a newborn child

Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Issurei Biah 14:11:

When a gentile converts or a servant is freed, he is like a newborn baby.

  • Very helpful .thank you. I should've just used the newborn word in my search to find these, sefaria.org/…
    – Michael16
    Jan 2 at 16:30

Conversion isn't complete without it:

Yevamos 46b

א"ר חייא בר אבא א"ר יוחנן לעולם אינו גר עד שימול ויטבול

Rabbi Ḥiyya bar Abba said that Rabbi Yoḥanan said: A man is never considered a convert until he is both circumcised and has immersed

and a convert is considered born anew for certain purposes

e.g. ibid 22a

גר שנתגייר כקטן שנולד דמי

the legal status of a convert who just converted is like that of a child just born

As circumcision is a necessary (but insufficient) factor in the conversion process it is unclear how much it contributes (if any) toward a converts born again status

(See e.g. https://asif.co.il/wpfb-file/alon-shevut-175-17-32-pdf/ for the practical halachic parameters of this designation)

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