A nation may adopt the Noahide Laws at any time. Most nations include forms of most the of the laws, but none are yet to become an outright Noahide nation. When that happens, whether in the messianic age or not, that nation will have Noahide courts to adjudicate the Seven Laws. If Iran can have a revolution to shariah law in modern times, any nation can embrace the Noahide Laws.

So today, if a Jew travels outside of Israel into one of these newly-established Noahide nations, will he/she be subject to that nation's court for keeping the Noahide Laws that they established?

I don't know what travel will look like during the messianic age, but it is unlikely there will be zero Jewish travel in Noahide communities. Should there be an expectation of receiving the same leniency abroad that a Jew may enjoy in Israel, where an act might not be judged as a capital offense or not applicable at all? Like a sort of diplomatic immunity at an embassy? Or should nations be expected to judge the individual without partiality?

Would they answer to the Noahide court or be deported to Israel to the beit din?

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Regardless of whether a country's laws are "Noahide", a Jew is obligated to obey the law of the land unless is is a severe restriction against his own obligations.

If the Messianic Kingdom is suzerin over the Noahide kingdoms and says Jews have free reign to do what they want or else the Noahide country will be subject to the WRATH OF GOD, then that's the law of the land and the Jew is exempt from the laws. Perhaps God will withdraw his protection over the Messiah if he behaves in such a way. Perhaps he won't.

It wouldn't be effective to extradite a Jew if he commits the crime in the presence of Non Jewish witnesses.

  • I believe proper accommodation and support for Jews would be a mandatory part of any Noahide-observant nation. But I hadn't considered Moshiach would be over the world or just allow the Noahide kingdoms limited self-government. Doesn't Moschiach only govern Israel and the world continues pretty much as is, after the universal knowledge of God causes obvious changes? Dec 25, 2023 at 1:17
  • Why would it not be effective to extradite a Jew if he commits a crime in the presence of non-Jewish witnesses? Seems like a plausible way to protect the integrity of the courts and preserve a sense of sanctity of the Jewish people with the local population. Depending on the severity of the offense, barring him from re-entering the country could be the best thing for all parties. Dec 25, 2023 at 1:25
  • 1. Accommodation for Jews and letting them get away with murder are not the same thing. The specifics of the Messianic arrangement are total speculation. 2. I agree with everything you say. However, non Jewish witnesses are inadmissible to the "Beit Din" process. In theory a Jewish King can (but does not have to) execute people outside of the beit din system for "public order" Dec 25, 2023 at 1:38
  • Basically, if a Jew travels to a country that governs itself by the Noahide Laws, he is accountable to the Noahide government for any violations to the same standard and subject to the same penalties as the residents. Whether that is today or in the messianic age. Is that what you're saying? Dec 25, 2023 at 2:08
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    It should be true because of the concept of "the law is the law of the land." However, if the Messiah (or a powerful lobbyist) can exert influence over the law of the land, the carve out for the Jew is valid (regardless of whether it is just, moral, virtuous etc .) Perhaps the noahide commandment to establish just courts and laws invalidates preferential treatment to Jews. Then there would be a "constitutional crisis" Dec 25, 2023 at 2:35

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