In addition to this question, I am eagerly looking for the location of a Sfas Emes where he discuss the following concept (parphrased):

Chanukah and Purim are both Rabbinical festivals. Chanukah and Purim are מֵאִיר for the galus

The Sfas Emes seems to be saying that they are illuminating the current galus. In darker days, these festivals are influencing our days with great light.

I have been looking for this Sfas Emes, but nothing showed up unfortunately.

Does anyone know where this can be found?

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Please see if Sfas Emes Miketz 9 is something that helps you:

כי חנוכה ופורים הם נסים האחרונים סמוכין לסוף תיקון הכולל שיהי' נגמר במהרה בימינו בעת ביאת הגואל

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    Unfortunately, that is not it I guess. But thanks for searching. The Sfas Emes includes the words מֵאִיר and Galus and that this is why they share a connection.
    – Shmuel
    Nov 26, 2023 at 15:49

A huge thanks to @Dov, this Sfas Emes can be found here:

כי חנוכה ופורים הם מחזיקים אותנו בגלות כי הם מאירים (בגלות) תוך החושך

Because Chanukah and Purim strengthen us - because they illuminate (in exile) in the darkness...

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