He mentions this as he clarifies the rules about having relations with/marrying a captive during war:

"Relations with a yefat toar are only permitted while she is in captivity as the verse states "If you see... among the prisoners."

This license is permitted whether the woman is a virgin or not, even if she is married, for the gentiles' marriages are not recognized."

Can someone explain why this is so? Thanks.


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The Lechem Mishneh explains that although it is generally forbidden to have relations with the wife of a gentile, nevertheless being that regarding a “Yefat To’ar” the Torah refers to her as a “beautiful wife”, it can be derived that it is permitted even if she is married, and the Rambam explains that the reason for this is because the marriage of a gentile is in a different category, being that one would not be punishable by death for having relations with a gentile’s wife.

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