Does someone know from which chapter of the Pele Yoetz this is taken or paraphrased from?

There is a general rule in life, that we believe with perfect faith nothing bad comes from heaven, it is only good and it is all good

Shimon Levi composed a song he sings with Yaakov Shwekey (here) and they state it is from Pele Yoetz.


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The Pele Yoetz, published in 1824, is a compilation of essential Jewish concepts. As such, some of its sayings are sourced in earlier texts. This saying is found in the Talmud, tractate Berachot page 60b

Rav Huna said that Rav said that Rabbi Meir said; and so it was taught in a baraita in the name of Rabbi Akiva: One must always accustom oneself to say: Everything that God does, He does for the best.

Once you know that, it is easy to find it five times in Pele Yoetz chapters 143:3, 218:1, 238:6, 312:1, 402:1

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