There is a famous drush that is brought by Nefesh haChayim in the beginning of the 4th chapter of shaar 1, and also discussed in Ruach Chayim. The mishnah in Pirkei Avos 2:1 says da ma lemaaleh mimeka (know what is above you), and Nefesh haChayim suggests to read "know that what is above -- is from you," i.e., that you are the source of the changes that take place in the spiritual worlds.

A similar take is attributed to Ba'al Shem Tov.

I have heard that the original source for the drush is Megaleh Amukos, but could not find it there. Would anyone know if that is really the source (and if so, where it is in the sefer), or there is an earlier work which brings it down?

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Perhaps this is it? Megalleh Amukos al HaTorah, at the end of parshas Emor

כאשר יתן מום בזה העולם כן ינתן בו בדיוקנא דיהיה לעילא דפגם בנשמתא דיליה לעילא כי שבר מה שהוא פוגם למטה פוגם תחת שבר דליעלא ומזה הטעם כתב עין תחת עין הוא על ממון ולא עין ממש אבל רזא דא הוא על עין דלעיל' דע מה לעמלה ממך וכו' אתה לידע ענין כי עין דלעילא תחת עין דלתתא הזכר עין ושן שבהן עבד יוצא ש"ע נהורין

He doesn't speak it out explicitly like the Nefesh HaChaim does but he says whatever you do here affects the upper spheres and then brings the teaching from Avos

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