Amongst the things that encourage forgetfulness דברים הגורמים לשכחה is

השארת ספר פתוח בעת הלימוד

leaving a book open at the time of learning.

Is the possibility of forgetfulness just for the person who left the book open or for anyone who sees it and does not close it?

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    chabad.org.il/Questions/… according to what it says here, one should not close a Sefer that someone else left open, unless he reads/learns something from it himself
    – שלום
    Sep 4 at 22:25

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The source for the comment on the wiki is the Shach in SA YD 277, who confirms that there is an angel called "Shad" (Shamor Dapin) who causes:

על מי שמניח ספר פתוח ויוצא שמשכח תלמודו

on the one who leaves a sefer open and goes out to forget his Torah

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