Vayikra 19:27 details the prohibition of rounding your head. If a single hair would come fully plucked from the peyos area, would that be a violation of this lav or would it be permissible because of the amount of remaining hair in the area?

Would it change if two, three, etc. came out?

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The Rambam says one must leave at least 40 (some versions say 4) hairs on each side:

The Sages did not determine the amount [of hair] which must be left in the corners of our temples. We have, however, heard from our elders that one must leave at least forty hairs.

However, it seems he would allow plucking:

One may remove the [hairs from] the corners [of our heads] with scissors. The prohibition applies only to total removal with a razor.

Shulchan Aruch says one should not even use scissors, but it's unclear if that extends to plucking:

He is not liable unless he uses a razor. And there are those who forbid scissors that shave like a razor; and their words should be regarded.

The Chasam Sofer has a lengthy analysis of the question, in which he concludes plucking is not an issue, especially when done without intent, like while combing one's peyos.

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