As far as I know, the most accepted Posek around the entire non-Chassidic Ashkenazi world is the Mishna Berura (and of course the Rama). He wrote the sections to his commentary to the Code of Jewish Law:

  • Mishna Berura - concise and easy to learn additional laws and customs to the Shulhan Aruch as well as explanations usually bringing earlier sages such as: Elya Raba, Magen Avraham, and Baer Hetev.
  • Biur Halacha - a little more in depth than the Mishna Berura where he usually sources his opinions and says why he holds like does
  • Shaar HaTziyun - the sources for his words

Do the Ashkenazim that follow the M"B follow the words of the Biur Halacha as well? Or does this Hashkafa differ by Minhag?


I can only speak from my experiences. Those who the Mishna Berura as their halachic decisor of known cases will follow through on his psak in the Biur Halacha as well.

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