I am looking for resources that have maps and/or blueprints of the interior of the Temple Mount. For example, showing the various tunnel systems, stairs, gates, chambers, etc. I would even appreciate maps of a particular section of the Temple Mount region.

Because the Temple Mount site was modified so drastically over time, if you post a map as an answer, please provide context and a time.


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You might want to consider looking at the works of Leen Ritmeyer who is a leading expert on the subject matter. His book The Quest is a good overview on the topic, and he created a detailed map of the Temple Mount here that was featured in National Geographic (December 2008) - you can see it here in small on his site.

There exists a high-res map on the mitzvah project website created by the Temple Foundation dated 1983 here.

An academic approach was undertaken by the Madain Project here which features several drawings, pictures and depictions from throughout the ages.

The Jewish Virtual Library features a blueprint but does not provide a date.

There also exists famously, a series of ordinance survey maps that were done in the late 19th century by Captain Charles W. Wilso which can be accessed here.

As far as the tunnel system there is a website by Emek Shaveh, an Israeli NGO "working to defend cultural heritage rights and to protect ancient sites" that features a drawing made by Leen Ritmeyer here

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The Beit HaMikdash by Rabbi Zalman Menachem Koren is one book that might be of interest.

הכותל ממאיר בן - דב. מרדכי נאור. זאב ענר Might also be of interest.

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