I am not, to my knowledge, thirsty, but I need to take a pill with water, so I do so without a beracha (see Shulchan Aruch OC 204:7). As I swallow the pill, I realise that I am enjoying the water, and realise I actually am a bit thirsty (quite common in today's day and age to not feel thirsty when we actually are) and wish to continue to drink. Should I stop, say a beracha and then continue to drink, or as I am already drinking, should I just continue? If the latter, should I try and say a shehakol on something legitimate asap and have the previous drinking in mind?

  • I don't understand the הווה אמינא to think that you wouldn't bless after the first gulp if you intend to continue drinking. You know that are drinking for thirst after that (the pill went down, and you consciously became aware of the thirst). What am I missing? Jul 21 at 15:17
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    apparently the question refers specifically to דבר הגזול
    – rosends
    Jul 21 at 15:18
  • @Deuteronomy I know this won't satisfy, but the only real hava amina I have is my intuition. I don't think it is so black and white a case, and I get the impression from my time looking at responsa that this is the type of question that might bring up some interesting discussion. Maybe not!
    – Rabbi Kaii
    Jul 21 at 15:40
  • Thanks. I hope you get what you're looking for :) Jul 21 at 15:44
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    There is a discussion in the poskim about an inverse case, where someone is no longer thirsty but still didn’t finish enough for bracha achrona. RSZ, and R Nissim Karelitz feel that the entire drink is always considered for thirst even if part of it wasn’t. R Wosner and others pasken with the Gr”a who said it was possible to split and half is not counted for thirst. Not sure if anyone holds your case is possible, to become thirsty in middle
    – Chatzkel
    Jul 21 at 19:51


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