I'm interested in learning more about Zmanim, specifically, the different calculations involved and how to determine these times. I understand that the calculation of Zmanim can be complex, changing based on geographical location, the time of year, and other factors.

Could you please recommend some reliable resources (books, websites, online lectures, etc.) for a comprehensive understanding of this topic? I'm interested in both the theoretical knowledge and practical application of Zmanim in daily Jewish life.

Some resources that I found:



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    The two main disputes are how to divide the day into hours and when exactly bein hashmashos starts and ends. The groundbreaking Minchat Kohen (Pimentel) set the tone here for all later sefarim, and (with the warning to take his conclusions with a grain of salt) I'd recommend (subject to your abilities) starting there.
    – Double AA
    Jul 21, 2023 at 1:01
  • Zemanim.com has some good explanations regarding the various calculations. Jul 21, 2023 at 2:23
  • I keep this open and it has some explanation myzmanim.com/day.aspx?vars=69553774
    – rosends
    Jul 21, 2023 at 14:39
  • @DoubleAA I've been looking for a good sefer to start with this for a while as well. What do you mean by taking his conclusions with a grain of salt?
    – Yehuda
    Jul 21, 2023 at 17:54
  • Mendel please clarify what your level of capabilities are. Can someone recommend an all Hebrew work? Gemaras and rishonim?
    – Double AA
    Jul 23, 2023 at 3:44

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I would highly recommend in English Shlomo Sternberg called bein hashmashot Or in Hebrew a book called מעגלי צדק Also זמנים בהלכה which is written by Beneish which is one of the best-researched books on the subject.

I would also caution that not all questions have answers on the subject.

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