Rabbi Breitowitz says so in a shiur here, starting at 1:19:40, https://podcasts.ohr.edu/episode/60

He says "It is brought down in some mekoros..." Anyone know the mekoros?


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It is mentioned in Sevuvei Rav Psachya of Regensberg that Rav Shmuel Halevi, a Rosh Yeshiva in Bagdad had an only daughter who was an expert in Chumash and Talmud. She would deliver lectures behind a window. The students would sit outside, unable to see her.

The Maharshal in ש׳׳ת הערות כט states his grandmother Rebbetzin Miriam directed a yeshiva for many years. Sitting behind a curtain she would lecture to advanced students. She is a descendent of Rashi but not a daughter....

The above sourced from Mekor Baruch

As you can see although very rare, I suppose if a woman would teach Torah it was self understood to be done with modesty. So is it possible, that if Rashi's daughters taught Torah it might be behind a curtain? I don't know of a source though.

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