Page 31 of this paper gives a Hebrew extract from Shulchan ha-Ma’arechet by R Yitzchak Yosef, in which the author argues that kiddushin is possible between a Jew and a ger toshav. Apparently it comes in a section of the book about Uriah the Hittite.

But… I can’t find the quote in the original at all. Nor, indeed, can I find anything about Uriah the Hittite. Can anyone help?

(A similar question was previously asked here but without access to the actual Hebrew text of the quote.)

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The quote is not from R. Yosef's שולחן המערכת, it is from a subsection of the מוריה journal titled משלחן המערכת.

It's on p. 138 ofמוריה שנה עשרים וארבע גליון ז-ט סיון תשס”ב and available under Book ID 108133 on Otzar at p.295. The section appears to be write-ins commenting on previously submitted content. In this case, the commenter is רב חיים מרדכי שפירא from רמת שלמה ירושלים.

Good catch... it's definitely a good lesson on checking primary sources cited in secondary sources.

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