Recently, I chanced upon a screenshot of a Twitter post. In it, a woman who claimed that she once dated a man whose son her sister was dating at the same time. I found this to be a rather dubious scenario and was wondering if it fell into the list of arayot, in terms of either:

  • Son's/Father's wife's sister
  • Sister's husband's son/father

However, I am having trouble finding any corresponding scenarios mentioned either in Leviticus 18 or in the Wikipedia summaries of the relevant texts. Is this scenario in fact technically permissible (if perhaps still unscrupulous), or is there an interpretation that would see it as problematic?

  • Pretty sure that's A-Ok.
    – N.T.
    Jun 19 at 1:42

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Shut Peulat Tzadik 1:4 writes that this is permitted without any doubt.

This is also the opinion of Piskei HaRid (Yevamot 2a)

וכן נמי יכול ראובן לישא אחות רחל שהיא אשת אביו

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