What do the different suffixes mean, what are the differences between them, and which suffix is used for which people?

Example: ז"ל, זצ"ל, זצוק"ל, זי"ע, נבג"מ

(This question differs from previously asked similar questions, since this question is asking when it is applicable to use which suffix)


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ז״ל: zikhrono livrakha (for a man) / zikhronah livrakha (for a woman) used for a holy or a righteous person

זצ"ל: zekher tzadik livrakha/ used for a holy or a righteous person (man)

זצוק"ל: zekher tzaddik v'kadosh livrakha / righteous and holy person, not necessarily a martyr

זי"ע: zechuto yagen aleinu/ used for outstandingly holy person

נבג"מ: (נשמתו בגנזי מרומים; his soul in the heavenly vineyards)

See for more this article.

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