I am looking for a good source that explains the 49 middot-sefirot combinations.

Especially as they manifest as emotions, and ideally explained from "chametz" to "matza", i.e. the שְׂאוֹר שֶׁבָּעִיסָּה ("yeast in the dough"/self-centered version), and the kosher, correct versions of how these emotions are produced, felt and expressed in a relationship?

Otherwise, I'd be happy to receive absolutely any listing + explanation of them, no matter what the focus, no matter if contemporary or ancient.

Currently, I have access to R' Shlomo Katz's sefira videos, R' Yaakov Klein's images for sefira, and Journey of Togetherness - 49 Steps to Transforming a Family by Sarah Hermelin


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Many years ago I read a short book called וספרתם לכם, which takes you through 49 days and their corresponding sefirot. Although it wasn't significantly in depth, it did relate to each sefirah in turn and gave some practical advice on how to actualise a particular aspect/middah of that day.

I'm not sure if there's a version in English.

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