Aryeh Kaplan wrote some 50+ books in the span of a decade or so. Obviously he was remarkably talented at writing, but I'm just curious how exactly was this possible. He's often quoted as saying in the foreword of his books (written by the editors) "I use my physics background to analyze and systemize data, very much as a physicist would deal with physical reality." Also, you'll notice in almost all of his books is a VERY detailed index.

Any info on how he did it?

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  • A Jewish academic scholar, Jacob Neusner, is known for having authored hundreds of books. Many of his books are simply revisions or reorganizations of previous books.
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    Aryeh Kaplan's most amazing accomplishments are The Living Torah and the Torah Anthology translation (Yalkut Me'Am Lo'ez.) The amazing thing about The Living Torah is the amount of detail he goes into concerning not only the textual translation from traditional sources but also information from non-traditional sources, for example he obviously asked an Egyptologist about the translation of Poti Phera. So the question seems more to be, how did he physically have the time to do all of this. I would imagine he was capable of multiple simultaneous processing, like Rb Chaim Ozer Grodzinski.
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