There is no Gemara on most of Seder Taharot apart from Maseches Niddah. There are commentaries on the Mishnayos there from Rambam and the Rash as well as the Rosh, Maharam of Rottenburg and Hai Gaon. These are all Rishonim, whose comments are both important and sometimes hard to understand. Apart from hagahos, I can't find any large commentaries printed on Taharot in the back of the Gemara.

Are there any commentaries specifically on Seder Taharot from (preferably early) Acharonim that aren't just commentaries on all of Mishnayos? I understand you also have Bartenura, Gra and Tosfos Yom Tov there, and there are also modern authors like the Chazon Ish. I'm thinking of something like a Maharsha-equivalent.

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  • It's a brilliant work but sadly only on Keilim and Oholot
    – Meir Luria
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    You mention Mishna but there is also Tosefta
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    The Gra on Taharos is a specific work, written based on notes taken by a talmid.
    – N.T.
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    It varies by masechta. The more relevant something is, the more likely it is to have commentaries. So you could find plenty on Mikvaos, not so much on Negaim, for example.
    – N.T.
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Apart from commentaries to the whole mishnah and things you mentioned in your OP, some works on taharot include:

  • Sidrei Taharot (only keilim and ohalot are extant)
  • Rav Shlomo Goren's Shaarei Taharah on mikvaot
  • Mayim Tehorim of Rav Yehudah Leib Edel
  • I have heard of but not seen inside a contemporary sefer called Shaarei Daat by Rav Shlomo Feldman

The Temple Institute in Jerusalem also publishes books on kodashim and taharot, maybe they have something.

There are also some good works if you want to learn about taharot and are willing to go beyond the mishnah. For example, you could learn Rambam with commentaries, or the fantastic Aruch HaShulchan HeAtid by the Baal Aruch HaShulchan.


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