I do not own a smartphone, and it is easier to listen to recordings of shiurim and music over the phone. I am looking for a list of Jewish Hotlines, specifically for more gemara or english shiurim.

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There are a few I know. Please share if you know anymore!

  • Rambam over the telephone: 718-480-0200

  • Chassidus over the telephone: 718-735-7333

  • Kol Halashon: 718-521-5231

  • TheYeshiva.net: 845-201-1933

  • TorahPhone (subscription): 718-436-3846


Torah Anytime: +1 718-298-2077

Voice News: +1 605-562-1616
Voice News is mostly News. But it does have Zemanim and Jewish music. But no Torah.

Tznius Hotline [women]: +1 718-907-6888

[I wonder if this is the kind of question that Mi Yodeya is for.]


chazak hotline

The Loop

Izzy and dizzy hotline

Pirchei hotline

KOL HALASHON (718)-906-6400 - It has almost anything you want

For all the numbers, check online.

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