Does anyone know of any downloadable digitized text that marks the 'shva na's?

For now, I am looking specifically for a text of Megilas Ester. But I would appreciate all of Tanach and also the siddur.

As a bonus, does anyone know an easy ASCII or equivalent code to change the look of a shva to differentiate the shva na's from the shva nach's?

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    There are certain fonts that have the rules programmed, otherwise you have to know them. Feb 26 at 9:16
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    There is no Unicode standard for sheva na IIRC, so anytime you find will have to be custom.
    – magicker72
    Feb 26 at 12:23
  • @Kazibácsi interesting, where can I find such a font?
    – Eliyahu
    Feb 26 at 14:31
  • You can activate them using stylistic sets of professional (and quite expensive) fonts. ארץ הצבי is one such font, but it's ugly in my humble view. Feb 26 at 14:57
  • Another example: masterfont.co.il/Pdf/Nikud_Features.pdf Feb 26 at 20:42


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