I've seen the acronym ממנ”פ in multiple places but I am not sure what it means. קיצורים וראשי תיבות בעברית indicates that it means ממערכת נשימה פנימית but I am not sure if that is correct.

Here are some places when I have seen that acronym used:

  1. https://www.hebrewbooks.org/rambam.aspx?mfid=8818&rid=4353

  2. https://he.wikisource.org/wiki/הגהות_רבי_עקיבא_איגר/אורח_חיים/סימן_קנג

  3. https://images.shulcloud.com/419/uploads/Yadrim/Yadrim3.pdf


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Seemingly this stands for ממה נפשך which literally means something like "what[ever] you want" but roughly translates to "either way" and is a technical term used to introduce a logical argument of disjunction elimination.

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