For a Jewish woman, lesbian sex is the way of the Egyptians. But what about for a gentile female. A gentile male, as with a Jewish male, can have multiple partners? How about a gentile female? Can she have multiple female partners?

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There is an open question whether the prohibition is on lesbian “relationships” or formalizing lesbian marriages, they are both prohibited for Gentiles and Jews, lesbian marriages in Judaism do not exist, the “relationship” between them is punishable with whipping which is no longer applicable. nowadays but it is still a prohibition, as for the Gentiles there is no existing penalty. Both marriage and “relationship” is a rabbinical prohibition for what they understand of “the path of the Egyptians”, that in Egypt there were lesbian marriages, if God forbade the Jews from this does not mean that He was being lenient to the Gentiles since the example is of an abomination and one of the reasons why the seven Canaanite nations were being vomited out of the land.

There is no lesbian relationship, relationship is only when the man is involved, so what seems to be prohibited is marriage, formal union so to speak. Unlike when it's the man with another man, there is obviously referring to the act.

As for polygamy, it was abolished in Judaism by Rabbi Guershom. As for the Gentiles, there is the obligation to keep the law of their country, so it depends on the country, if the country allows it, as in the Arab countries it is allowed, in the West, as a crime, it is not allowed.

As for women having multiple partners, it seems that it was clear at the beginning that they would not, at least, marry

That's what I learned in the classes the rabbis gave me, it's not going to get away from that much. There are of course majority and minority opinions but in short that's it.

  • Let’s quantify it as lesbian sexual relationships. I am not too persuaded that what’s ossur for Jews because of the way of Egyptians means it’s ossur for gentiles. Gentiles after all can have promiscuous relationships one after another according to the Rav of my city, even though it is said by the Noachide codes to be immoral.
    – Hui Xiong
    Jan 12 at 6:02
  • Question that the Torah does not work for moral considerations, Torah are laws, either it is prohibited or it is not. As I said, there is no lesbian relationship in Judaism and marriage does not exist, as for Gentiles, if you are going to follow the “path of the Egyptians” as a condition, marriage cannot be done either, it remains to be seen whether the “relationship” has any penalty for Gentiles, nothing is found established as there is in Judaism which is whipping which is not applicable today.
    – Thales
    Jan 12 at 12:44

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