Levush HaHur (minhagim) records what seems to have been the widespread ashkenazi practice to recite certain piyutim on the shabbat of a wedding. (I assume this means where the chupah takes place on a Friday and the wedding celebrations are held on shabbat.)

The famed and voluminous Siddur Avodat Yisrael of Seligman Baer, while containing piyutim for pretty much every conceivable occasion and special day, does not, as far as I can tell, contain these wedding piyutim. Why not?

Had the recitation of these wedding piyutim fallen out of practice by the mid-19th century? Or maybe Friday weddings were simply not held any more and therefore there was no practical purpose in printing them? Did Baer print or refer to these piyutim anywhere else?



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