The Megaleh Amukos makes a connection between Yosef and Antiochus in regards to the gematria of the names that Yosef is one more then Antiochus. I was wondering if anyone could explain the connection between Yosef and galus of Yavan?


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I hear a podcast this past week explaining this exact point. The dreams that Pharaoh had were representing how to prepare for the future when there is no food in Egypt. Chanukah represents the same idea of looking ahead in the future, and how to keep Judaism alive. That was the spiritual war being fought. Although I did not do it justice I recommend the podcast https://spoti.fi/3YPmrdP


There is a beautiful article explaining the connection in length, in Rabbi Shmuel Reichman's book "The Journey to Your Ultimate Self" (Feldheim) page 87.

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