In 1 Chronicles 3:17 in the most acclaimed versions it is stated that the sons of Jeconiah were Assir and Shealtiel.

Would it be a mistranslation to put Assir as if he were a person when it could be an attribute of Jeconiah as "captive" which is the meaning of Assir?


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Like @Harel13 notes there are differing opinions:

The Malbim spells out the differing viewpoints:

  • There are those who say that "Assir" is descriptive of Yechonya since he was incarcerated in prison and there he gave birth to these sons.
  • The opinion of the Sages is that Assir and Shealtiel were his sons; he had two sons, and Malchiram and Pedaya are the sons of Shealtiel.
  • Alternatively, all of them were the sons of Yechonya.

The Metzudos Dovid says that Shealtiel was the son of Assir.

Ralbag says Assir was the son of Yechonya and Shealtiel was the son of Assir. Then, when it mentions Malchiram and Pedaya, they were the sons of Shealtiel.

Finally, Radak says that both Shealtiel and Assir were Yechonya's sons. And Assir was so called because he was born in prison.

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