Sound Modern Israeli (Based on Sephardic pronounciation) Ashkenazi Chabad (inc. other non-Oberland / Unterland Chassidim. Ashkenazi Chassidic (Oberlander, Unterlander and Galitzer, e.g. Satmar) Ashkenazi Litvish Ashkenazi Yekkish Yemenite
אָ A O, E.g. יִשְׂרָאֵל Yisroel Open: OO E.g. עָמַד Oomad Closed: O E.g. עָמְדָה Omdoo O O O
אַ A A A A A A
אֲ A A A A A A
בֵ EH EY (as in may) E.g. אַחֵינוּ Acheynoo . Sometimes EH AY (sounds like eye) E.g. אַחֵינוּ Achaynee
אֶ EH EY Open: EY E.g. חֶסֶד Cheysed Closed: EH E.g. Ibid. EY E.g. חֶסֶד Cheysed Closed: EH E.g. Ibid. E A (at end?)
בְּ “Stop sign” / EH “Stop sign” /EE? “Stop sign” /EE
אֱ EH EY EH ? E E
אֹ O OY As in boy OY E.g. Oylom If last syllable and emphasis on first: EH E.g. סוכות sikkes EY, as in may Eylom If last syllable,Ibid.: E.g. סוכות sukkes OW As in no E.g. Owlom OU As in Bonjour
וּ OO (like food) E.g. ברוכים broochim OO Open: EE (like seek) Closed: i (like sit) E.g. Avoyseynee, brichim OO Avoysaynoo OO Avowsaynoo OO
אֻ OO (like food) OO Open: EE (like seek) Closed: i (like sit) OO OO OO
ת T S S S S TH

I would greatly appreciate any additions or corrections. I have not managed to include examples for everything yet. I am also no expert on this by any means.

By "open" and "closed", I refer to whether there is an open or closed syllable. In other words, whether the syllable ends with a vowel sound (open) or a consonant (closed).

If I have omitted anything, it is not to diminish the importance of any community, but rather a result of my ignorance!

All help is appreciated.

  • Based on my experience, segol is always "eh" and never "ey". I have heard people pronounce the first segol in a string of two segolim as "ey" but not in Chabad. (Ex. "cheysed", "zeycher", "meylech".) Cholam is either "oy" or it is "ey". Sheva is blended in to the next consonant or it is "ih". Be sure to include that chataf-patach with ayin is "ai" as in "maiseh", "tainis", "mairiv", etc.
    – ezra
    Oct 18, 2022 at 2:27
  • @ezra What about “peysach”?
    – Joel K
    Oct 18, 2022 at 4:35
  • @ezra, I think you are right. In this clip of the Rebbe, he pronounces ארץ as Eretz, not Eyretz. youtube.com/watch?v=il77SOQUlEU&t=54s
    – bobsmith
    Oct 18, 2022 at 10:04

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I strongly suggest you use the International Phonetic Alphabet (or something similar, like ASCII-IPA) rather than relying on people's knowing what you mean by "EH", "A", "OO (like food)", etc.

  • @N.T. the question is specifically asking for corrections. This is a direct answer, advising how to correct the table.
    – msh210
    Oct 19, 2022 at 4:26

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