I'm assuming that Carshina (as mentioned in Pitom HaKetores - פטום הקטורת) is a place, since the Ketores also mentions places like Cyprus, Sedom, Jordan.

Any idea where Carshina is/was?

  • There’s a place called Be’er Karshina in southern Israel today. Perhaps it’s in that general area.
    – Chatzkel
    Sep 23, 2022 at 2:14
  • @Chatzkel other way around! Be'er Karshina means "vetch well", as in there was a well there and a lot of vetch beans grew nearby.
    – Shalom
    Sep 23, 2022 at 11:40
  • @shalom see my comment to the answer of dov. Maybe that’s why the place was called that, but clearly there was such a place as rashi and other Rishonim say
    – Chatzkel
    Sep 23, 2022 at 12:38

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Like @Shalom said in the comments it is not the name of a region but rather a type of plant / bean.

Refer to the Jastrow here with all the sources linked below:

I כַּרְשִׁינָה, (כַּרְשִׁינָא II) f. (cmp. כְּרֵישָׁה) a porraceous plant.—בורית כ׳ an alkaline solution of carshina. Ker. 6ᵃ; Y. Yoma IV, 41ᵈ.—Pl. כַּרְשִׁינִים, כַּרְשִׁינִין. Sabb. I, 5 (17ᵇ) אין שורין … וכ׳ אלא וכ׳ (shortly before Sabbath) we must not lay in ink-material, … or alkaline plants; [comment. refer to next w.].

II כַּרְשִׁינָה, (כַּרְשִׁינָא III) f. (cmp. כַּרְשִׁינָא I) a species of vetch, prob. horse-bean, rarely used as human food. Bekh. VI, 1 (37ᵃ) ניקבה מלא כ׳ if there is a hole in the ear lap of the size of a carshinah; Bekh. 37ᵇ, expl. הינדא; Tosef. ib. IV, 1. Y. Kidd. I, 59ᵈ top פחות מן הכ׳ less than the size of &c.; a. e.—Pl. כַּרְשִׁינִים, כַּרְשִׁינִין. B. Mets. 90ᵃ. Ḥall. IV, 9, a. fr. כַּרְשִׁינֵי תרומה beans set aside for the priest’s share. Maas. Sh. II, 4; Tosef. ib. II, 1. Y. Ḥall. IV, 60ᵇ אימתי גזרו על הכ׳ (contrad. to בִּיקְיָא) when was the law declaring carshinah subject to T’rumah enacted?—Answ. בימי רעבון in days of famine (when it served as human food). Esth. R. to I, 14 (play on כ̇ר̇ש̇נ̇א, ib.) אני בוזק לפניהם כ̇ר̇שׁינ̇ין ומש̇ירן מן העולם I shall crush vetch (to be placed) before them (send a famine compelling them to eat vetch) and make them fall off (fade away) from the world. Y. Maas. Sh. II, 53ᶜ קל … בכרשיני (read: בכרשינין) they made the law concerning carsh. less stringent. Ib. עיסה של כ׳ a dough made of c.—Meïl. III, 6 כרשיני הקדש; Tosef. ib. I, 21 כַּרְשִׁנֵּי ed. Zuck. (some ed. כר שני, corr. acc.), v. הֶקְדֵּשׁ; a. fr.—Koh. R. to VI, 1 כַּרְשִׁנִּים בפלפלין he who puts vetch into pepper; (Tosef. B. Bath. V, 6 כּוּסְבֶּרֶת).

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    Rashi kerisus 6A says two pshatim. One of them clearly says it’s a place. כרשינא - הבא מאותו מקום so while @shalom is discussing the second pshat of rashi, the OP obviously was asking according to the first. Rabbeinu Gershom and other Rishonim say it’s the name of a place as well
    – Chatzkel
    Sep 23, 2022 at 12:36

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