How many cows are required to obtain the parchment of a typical Sefer Torah?

I have tried estimating the question with some online sources:

  • Chabad states that a Sefer Torah has 62 and 84 sheets of parchment
  • The Mishneh Torah describes the upper-bound on dimensions but I have no idea how this translates to cow hides after being stretched and prepared in to parchment

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It would depend on the size of the Sefer Torah. Technically a Sefer Torah can be pocket size. I was told by those who work in the industry that the typical standard size Sefer Torah needs 60 to 65 cows for the parchment.

  • It's hotly debated if a Torah can (lechatchila) be pocket size. Depends if you view the margin requirements as fixed numbers or proportions.
    – Double AA
    Aug 30, 2022 at 15:54

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