If I'm not mistaken a popular series of sefarim for Maseches Rosh Hashanah, Yoma, and Sukkah, are respectively "Yom Teruah", "Tosefes Yom Hakippurim", "Kapos Temarim", by Rav Moshe ibn Chaviv.

I've seen these in the ubiquitous "kovetz meforshim" collection of commentaries on these masechtos, but I don't recall seeing these seforim published on their own, at least in recent prints. Is there a modern printing of these works? Are there different versions? What are their respective merits/demerits? Do any have footnotes/commentaries? Are they always published together, or as separate volumes?

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It's available together in one volume, under the name of שמות בארץ. It was reprinted recently and should be in many seforim stores. There are no footnotes, but it's a nice clear print.


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