There is a map in the back of the Simanim Tanach that shows the land of Sichon (the king of the Emorites) to be on the east side of the Jordan, aligned with the northern half of the Dead Sea, north of Moav and south of the Children of Ammon.

Yet when Moses is recounting the initial approach of the Jews to the Land of Israel, which was from the south, and considerably west of the Jordan, he states that they had arrived at the mountain of the Emorites (Deut. 1:19-20). A few verses later (v. 27) the Jews express their fright of the Emorites themselves. And in verse 44, the Emorites actually struck down a group of Jews in Seir, which was home to the descendents of Esau, not the Emorites.

So where exactly were the Emorites located?


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