Is there any source which explains the textual uses and disticntions between the following roots


ה-צ-ל (is that the root?)



(and any other similar words, even including the Aramaic פ-ר-ק) Is there overlap in their use or do commentators see any specific choice as importing specific meaning local to that word?

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See here for starters by Rabbi Reuven Chaim Klein which examines the difference getween geula and pidyon.

Also interesting that at least in Chumash, גאל\פדה\ישע typically appear in the Targum as a form of פרק which possibly means to separate a person from the control of a former master or ruler.

On the other hand, the shoresh נצל typically gets translated to שזב which indicates a type of sparing where most get destroyed/conquered/etc. while only some escape unscathed.

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