So this morning I didn’t have water available to use when I woke up for Netilat Yadayim? What should I have done? Also when I did get water available again, say past chatzos, should I have made netila then with a beracha?

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The Shulchan Aruch OC 4:22 says that wiping your whole hand on a rough surface that can clean, is acceptable for prayer and learning, but not to remove Ruach Ra.

אם אין לו מים יקנח ידיו בצרור או בעפר או בכל מידי דמנקי ויברך על נקיות ידים ויועיל לתפלה אבל לא להעביר רוח רעה שעליהן:

If one has no water, one may wipe one's hands in a lump of earth or dust or any cleansing agent and recite a blessing on the cleanliness of hands, and this permits him to pray but does not remove the evil spirit from them

The Elya Rabba discusses a machlokes if wiping 3 times counts as washing and removes Ruach Ra as well. Presumably, when the person comes to water they should wash again just in case.

The MB in 4:55 and 7:3 says that a bracha is only said for shachris prayers. So if the water was only gotten after prayers, there would no longer be a bracha. There are some who say a bracha should be said by mincha and maariv as well (Maaseh Rav number 3)

  • Would you wash with a beracha or no? Is there even a latest time to say netilat yadayim or like if someone somehow wakes up at 2 pm they can still wash and say a beracha? Jul 28, 2022 at 2:04
  • I didn’t realize that was part of the question. I edited in the relevant answers
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