In dealing with issues. Are there any seforim in English or hebrew that deal with psychological issues in a systematic way based on torah sources.


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Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski zt"l walks through each of the 12 steps here and shows how they work with, and likely stem from, Jewish sources.

It may be argued that the first of the 12-step programs, Alcoholics Anonymous, was the outgrowth of a Christian group. This is true. However, as we shall see, the content of the 12-step programs is not only compatible with Torah, but actually seems to have been adopted from Torah sources. I cannot understand how the founder of AA, Bill Wilson, had access to concepts that we find in the Talmud and the mussar writings. The fact that they were adopted by a Christian group hardly disqualifies them, just as the kedusha in the amidah was not disqualified by its adoption into the Lord's Prayer.

Although works from Rabbi Twerski, like Self-Improvement? I'm Jewish and Stepping Out of the Abyss: A Jewish Guide to the 12 Steps, which Deuteronomy shared in a comment, are fantastic self-help works to work through psychological struggles, it may be worth reaching out to a trusted rabbi or psychotherapist. Someone knowledgeable of your specific circumstances can provide a better tailored answer to what specific book would help in your situation.

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