I'm looking for a tehilim with commentaries that are melaket from commentaries like the Alter Rebbe or Reb Nachman or any of the chassidic masters. I don't mind if it is in Hebrew or English.

Is there one available?

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Kehot offers a English version of Tehillim by Rabbi Yosef B. Marcus, including various commentaries (Radak, Alshich, Metzudos etc..). This version also includes commentaries from various chassidic masters. See also here for a quick review.

Then there is a Hebrew version called אמרות טהורות על ספר תהלים (Sefer Amarot Maḥberet Ha-Kodesh Al Sefer Tehilim) by Eliezer ben Jacob. You can view it here (However, it does not includes commentaries from the Alter Rebbe...).


Obviously he was not Chassidic, but THE HIRSCH TEHILLIM of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch is excellent. Indeed I have read numerous other commentaries by respected ravs, scholars and other authors and they cite Rav Hirsch's commentary extensively and continuously. I highly recommend it. Good luck in your search and Shabbat Shalom.


Tehilim Hameforash By Rabbi Yakov Weingarten. Amazing explanation of each verse. He also notes all his sources. It is not specifically a Chassidic work, but being the Rabbi Weingarten is Chassidic, he doesn't shy away from such sources.


Keren Odesser put out a Tehillim with a yalkut of the Likutei Halachos from Reb Noson miBreslov on it. It's excellent.

They also have a smaller-size edition, if you'd prefer that.

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