When a person becomes a ger, he or she is considered a newborn, but what about their biological parents/family? Do all the halachos of tznius, yichud, shomer negiah, etc. apply to his/her biological family just the same as anyone else, or are leniencies with biological family?


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There is no problem at all, these halachos depend on human nature, and therefore depend on the biological reality. The same halachos that apply to a Jew by birth’s biological family apply to a Ger’s non-Jewish family.

Igros Moshe Even Hoezer 4:64; Toras HaYichud 2:2; Dvar Halachah, Hosafos Chadashos 7:19; Shevet Halevi Vol. 9 no. 260; Nitei Gavriel no. 14.


I heard from Rav Shraga Neuberger, that his uncle, Rabbi Ruderman zt"l, paskened that there is no issue of yichud with a ger and his biological mother.

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