In Shut Harama Mipano (see opening page of book), the final three responsum are from the Rif, and explain three laws in tractate Kesubos. He wrote them in Arabic, and the Rama got a reputable translation from Venice. (A footnote indicates that these were translated by someone else, and are printed in Rav Tam Yachya's Tumas Yesharim (218-220).) Is the original Arabic text still extant?

  • Huh for some reason I always thought that book was "tamos yesharim" like bilam, but that of course makes no sense. Mishlei 11:3 is much more reasonable.
    – Double AA
    Apr 4, 2022 at 14:08
  • One of the translators is called Rabbi Shlomo Ma'aravi. I wonder if he may be identified with Rabbi Suleiman Ochana, one of the students of the Ari, who was sometimes called Rabbi Suleiman Ma'aravi?
    – Harel13
    Apr 14, 2022 at 10:40

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Yes, it is. At least one manuscript has preserved it: MS Huntington 503, pp. 94r-117v. See Boaz Cohen's essay "Three Arabic Halakic Discussions of Alfasi" for a discussion of the responsa, the manuscript, the various translations, a reprint of the Judeo-Arabic of the manuscript and Cohen's own translation into Hebrew.

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    Oh great I'll look into that thanks
    – Dr. Shmuel
    Apr 19, 2022 at 13:47

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