Do I understand it correctly that a woman in Orthodox Judaism has different set of rules for observance? E.g. women don’t follow all the same mitzvot, don’t recite the same blessings every day as men do and so on. Have some additional responsibilities such as mikveh and so on.

Are there books dedicated for women, explaining what an observing woman should do in a daily life and overall?

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    99% of the laws are the same for men and women
    – Heshy
    Mar 7, 2022 at 11:11
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    must it be a book or will websites suffice sefaria.org/topics/mitzvot-aseh-shehazman-grama?tab=sheets
    – rosends
    Mar 7, 2022 at 11:17
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    @DoubleAA of course there are. They might not be described as "for men" but some years ago, I learned from a book that was only on the laws of tfillin. It does not say "for men" on the cover, but given that this is a mitzvah performed almost exclusively by men, that is what it effectively is. Likewise, I've seen in bookstores books about family purity that were obviously directed towards women. I don't see a problem with either sex learning from these as it is generally good to be knowledgeable, but they are certainly written intended for different audiences.
    – Mike
    Mar 7, 2022 at 14:02
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    From the description of the book “Halichot bat Israel Halacha” I can assume that it contains the information I asked about. There is an English language edition. Thanks.
    – romario
    Mar 7, 2022 at 16:55

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There are two very good books I know focused on how halacha applies to women

The first is older, print is a bit small, and it is quite detailed. Second is more recent, print is much nicer, and it is a very good overview with many references for more in-depth study.

In addition, there are more in-depth books focused on specific relevant halachot, e.g., kashrut, niddah, challah, tzniut.

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    Also plenty of in depth books about shabbat, blessings, avelut, tzedaka, shmitta, pesach, mezuzah, kibbud av/em, ribbis, .... All excellent choices for learning about how halacha applies to women's lives in Judaism.
    – Double AA
    Mar 8, 2022 at 11:47

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