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I am having great difficulty finding any information on the Rav. Is he alive? Does he have other works? Any shiurim/books on his life?

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There's a little info on this site. I'll translate it into English:

Rabbi Chassidah was born in Warsaw in 1910. When he was 14, he and his family made aliyah and settled in Haifa. Eventually he received semicha for being a Shochet U'Vodek, and then began to look for a job in the Galilee. Thanks to connections he had with Rabbi Binyamin Mendelsohn, the rabbi of K'far Ata (today Kiryat Ata), he became the ShU"v of K'far Ata. At one point he also learned Milah and also worked as a mohel. When the State of Israel was founded, he moved to Yerushalayim.

According to this site and Hebrewbooks, he passed away in 2003.

Some other books he wrote (according to the list in the National Library of Israel (NLI), he wrote many, so I won't bring all of them):

  • Otzar Ma'amarei Halacha - pt. 1 and 2 available on Hebrewbooks

  • Zicharon Levnei Yisrael: Autobiographia, kollel toldot HaYeshuv Kiryat Ata, Masa'ot U'chvayot (NLI)

  • Biurei Hachassidut LaShas (NLI)

  • Rabbi Chaim Falagi U's'farav (NLI)

  • Edited an anonymous kuntress on Chanukah (NLI)

  • Tehillot Yisrael (an edition of Sefer Tehillim) (NLI)

  • Karmei Yisrael - Biurim VeChiddushim Betanach, BeMa'amarei Chazal U'veseder Hatefillah (NLI)

  • Piyut Ha'deah Vehaneshama (NLI)

  • Biurei Hachassidut La'Nach (NLI)

He also wrote some essays.

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