In I Kings 16:22, Rashi quotes Seder Olam that King Asa, the righteous king of Judea, married his son Yehoshafat (also a good guy) to the daughter of the not-so-righteous King Omri of North Israel.

Of course Omri is succeeded by his son Achav (Ahab), a total no-goodnick.

So that means as Achav is busy killing out the prophets of Hashem to make way for more Baal worship, his sister is sitting in a palace in Jerusalem where things are going okay ... must have been a complicated dynamic! (I'd ask why Asa and his son thought this marriage was a good idea, but perhaps that's before Omri made bad decisions.) Do we know anything else about this lady?


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The only additional source that I came across other than the Seder Olam Rabbah 17 that Rashi quotes from, is the Tosefta Sotah 12 where it writes:

כיון שהשיא אסא מלך יהודה את בתו של עמרי מלך ישראל ליהושפט בנו לאשה נגזרה על מלכות דוד שתכלה עם בית אחאב שנאמר (דברי הימים ב כ״ב:ז׳) ומאלהים היתה תבוסת אחזיהו וגו' ונפלו שניהם בו ביום זה עם זה

When Asa King of Judah married the daughter of Omri king of Israel as a wife for Yehoshafat his son, it was decreed that the a king of the House of Dovid would perish (lit. end) together with the house of Achav. As it says (Divrei HaYamim II 22:7) "G-d caused the downfall of Achaziah etc." - (Therefore) both of them (i.e. Achaziah king of Israel and Yehoshafat king of Judah) fell on the same day.

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