I am persian and my wife is iraqi. We are looking to find sephardic and especially customs from our background to do at our son's pidyon haben. I believe it adds a lot to include customs beyond doing the basic of halacha.

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The following differences are ones I have seen by Sefardim that is different than Ashkenazim.

1 - Sefardim have a custom that the Kohain takes a Hadas - Myrtle leaves - and makes a Bracha of Borei Atzel Besamim.

2 - By Sefardim the Kohain holds the baby. By Ashkenazim the baby is placed in front of the Kohain.

3 - Ashkenazim for the most part do the Pidyon only in the dayime. Sefardim do the Pidyon in the evening also.

Why are Pidyon HaBen ceremonies done towards evening?

Here is a audio link for some Sephardi Pidyon HaBen customs

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