Allegedly, the principle of DD"M is based on related to prophet Jeremiah prescribing the exiled Jews to "Seek the peace of the city whither ye have been carried away captives." (see my Q. mar-shmuel-citing-jeremiah-297).

I noticed a couple of points:

  1. the verse talks about the Babylonian exile (obvious)
  2. DD"M is presented only in the name of a Babylonia Amorah Shmuel
  3. I'm not aware of a Palestinian source (Mishnah or the Jerusalem Talmud) that mentions the principle.

It appears that the principle is only applied in Babylon (or foreign diaspora), not in Israel.

I wondered if there are any sources (not post-Talmudic commentaries) that any Tannah held that DD"M is applicable in Eretz Israel also?

  • Are you asking if Tannaim-who-lived-in-Israel held of the rule of DDMD or if any Tannaim held that DDMD applied in Israel?
    – Double AA
    Jan 3 at 18:01

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