I can't seem to find this song that I once heard. It was based on Shir Hashirim 7:1.

The lyrics were:

שׁ֤וּבִי שׁ֙וּבִי֙ הַשּׁ֣וּלַמִּ֔ית שׁ֥וּבִי שׁ֖וּבִי וְנֶחֱזֶה־בָּ֑ךְ מַֽה־תֶּחֱזוּ֙ בַּשּׁ֣וּלַמִּ֔ית כִּמְחֹלַ֖ת הַֽמַּחֲנָֽיִם"

I coulda sworn it was Yehuda Green but I can't seem to find it.

Anyone know?


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Don't really know if this question is on-topic, but I've also been looking for this song for a few years. Tried a different route when I saw the question and happily, I found it. It's called Niggun Moshe and can be heard here.

According to this post, it was originally a niggun composed by R' Moshe Shor and named after him.

  • Yes!!!!!😎 Great song!
    – Big Mouth
    Dec 30, 2021 at 0:37

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