In his commentary to Nazir 49b (heading קנטרנין), Rashi gives one word: טירטוריו"ש

What does this word mean please?


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תרגום הלע"ז by Dayan Yisroel Kukovitzky of London a dictionary of all French words in Rashi translated into Hebrew, French and English sources the Gemoroh 49: and brings both spellings מזיק לאחרים torturios, who do harm to others, qui font tort aux autres, injustes


From Sefaria

Otzar Laazei Rashi, Talmud, Nazir 6 1212 / (נזיר מט:) / קנטרנין טורטוריו"ש גורמי-נזק, עושי-עוול / torurios ✭ offenders, transgressors, malicious people

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    I had no idea that was even on Sefaria! Thank you
    – Zarka
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    Just looking at the old French source in comparison to the definition from the Otzar, it seems to derive from “torturers”, meaning those who torture others. If you look at the Hebrew root (קנטר) in Jastrow in addition to vexing people, it also relates to a type of Angel of Destruction that plagues the wicked and also to a pronged tool like a plumber’s auger. In Rashi’s day, augers were also used as torture devices on people. Commented Dec 26, 2021 at 18:35

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