In his sermon on the ethics of controversy, R Norman Lamm says:

The great Maggid of Mezeritch, the leading theoretician of Hasidism and one who knew only too well the life of controversy, told us never to be discouraged when we face violent opposition. Sometimes we should accept it as a compliment: the highway robber attacks the man who bears jewels, he never bothers with a man who drives a wagon of straw or refuse.

Can anyone help me find the source of this quote?

  • Don't know that quote or source but imo the following may be helpful to you or related - namely that the Klal is "A war to H' on Amalek" etc. and "Head of the nations is Amalek" - who attacks to conceal specifically the Rosh Bayit the True Tzaddik lest Yisrael be mitkarev to him and be redeemed. This is discussed in en.wikisource.org/wiki/Translation:Likutei_Halakhot/… etc and in many other Sifrei Breslev and Nanach Feb 6 at 14:56


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