I.e, vitamins from big pharmacies. Are there kashrus issues? Must they be certified?

  • Hello michael and welcome to Mi Yodeya. This website isn't for practical advice. It happens to be I believe this question has different opinions on on the matter, and it would be best to ask your Rabbi what you should do.
    – robev
    Oct 17 at 0:13
  • This a question for a rabbi but I will just that there are differences in opinions and it also depends on the type of vitamin and what it is being taken for
    – Schmerel
    Oct 17 at 1:13
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    cor.ca/view/689/… Oct 18 at 0:43
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    @pcoz Another heter that can be : שלא כדרך הנאתן.
    – yO_
    Oct 19 at 17:30

Per https://learn.oheltorah.com/t/prenatal-vitamins-vitamins-in-general/3299

Q: Can one assume all vitamins in general are kosher, year round, including chewable and gummies?

A: Yes.

IMHO that would seem to suffice for your second question. But your first question is slightly different than this question that was phrased "Can one assume.." (i.e. in general; the product doesn't present itself as say, Bacon flavored gummy; maybe there's an issue there?).

  • Interesting source...in any event note that not everyone agrees.
    – robev
    Oct 21 at 17:27

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